Democratic National Committee

For more than 200 years, Democrats have represented the interests of working families, fighting for equal opportunities and justice for all Americans.

Kentucky Democratic Party

The Kentucky Democratic Party is comprised of more than 1.68 million registered Democrats who support issues that enhance the fair treatment of all Kentuckians.

Legislative Research Commission

Established in 1948 as a fact-finding and service body for the Legislature, the LRC is a 16-member panel consisting of Democratic and Republican leaders from the House of Representatives and the Senate. Here you can find your legislators and their contact information, track bills through the legislative process, and much more.

Kentucky Voter Information Center

Registered voters in Kentucky now can obtain information about their precinct location and legislative districts by using the State Board of Elections Voter Information Center.

Northern Kentucky Young Democrats

A youth-led political organization committed to electing Democratic candidates, promoting the policies and ideals of the Democratic Party, and encouraging young people across the Commonwealth to become active in politics.