Who We Are

The Democratic Party of Campbell County, Ky., is committed to advancing our Democratic values in Campbell County, throughout the Commonwealth, and across our great nation.

Campbell County Democrats:

  • Honor and abide by the will of the people participating in free and fair elections.
  • Value¬†people over profits.
  • Fight for workers, working families, and good wages for all workers.
  • Believe public education to be a cornerstone of a strong democracy.
  • Consider access to affordable health care a fundamental American right.
  • Expect an open, honest, accountable government at all levels.
  • Demand clean air, water and food to sustain healthy bodies and minds.
  • Believe all Americans deserve respect, justice and equal opportunity to pursue their dreams.

We are the party dedicated to moving our communities and our country forward. Join the movement to protect our freedoms, preserve our rights, and take back our communities.